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I added Live and Let Die to Backbeat '64s song list. Last summer we had the opportunity to play with the Sweethome High School Orchestra, Wind Ensemble and Chorus. I recorded every track from the band and sub mixed the school from their mixer that had 24 inputs. I mixed and mastered this show in the studio. Here is a sample.

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Icon Blues Review (Recorded 2000 in Studio 1)

A Blues band from Buffalo that recorded a Demo in Studio 1. They continue to play to this day all around Buffalo.

Texas Flood

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Fulcrum (Recorded 2005 in Studio 2)

An original Buffalo hardcore band that recorded this full length album in Studio 2 after a demo in Studio 1.

Full Album

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BackBeat '64 (Recorded Live)

A Beatles tribute band that I have been involved with for 4 years doing live sound and lights. You might see me playing bass in a few songs too.

Live and Let Die / One After 909 / There's a Place

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Big Tree Road (Recorded 2012 in Studio 3)

A great local band looking to produce a buffalo sounding album. Many hours and nights working hard made this recording a one of a kind.

Bust a Move

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